The Pilates Local Founders Michele Rinaldi and Kristin Hoesl

“Exercise is body movement that has a purpose.”
—Carola Trier

Michele and Kristin first met in the fall of 2005, when Michele was a teacher and Kristin was a teaching apprentice. The next summer, a few months after Michele opened Rinaldi Pilates in the east village, they ran into each other at a Pilates conference in midtown Manhattan.

Michele invited Kristin, a newly certified teacher, to start a Saturday morning shift at her studio, and the rest is history. Michele ended up successfully running Rinaldi Pilates for over a decade, with Kristin staying on as her longest employee.

Now, twelve years later, they are thrilled to begin a new chapter in their professional relationship: one as partners in The Pilates Local. These two friends are intent on providing their longtime clients a space where they can enjoy quality instruction in a beautiful and comfortable environment.


Michele Rinaldi,Co-founder

A native New Yorker and co-founder of The Pilates Local, Michele discovered the merits of Pilates while rehabilitating her own chronic back and hip injuries from nearly two decades as a gymnast.

After receiving an MA in Psychology in 2001 and working in the healthcare field, she decided to combine her love for movement and understanding of the mind/body connection. Upon the completion of nearly 600 hours of apprenticeship to fulfill her Pilates certification a year later, her journey truly began. Michele founded Rinaldi Pilates in 2006, and soon established herself as respected instructor with a reputation for quick results addressing injury recovery and prevention, weight loss, and pre- and post-natal fitness and health.

With her longtime associate Kristin Hoesl and The Pilates Local, she brings her passion and experience to a broader audience. Through her continued studies of biomechanics and anatomy, Michele’s teaching reaches beyond classical Pilates—providing her clients a deeper understanding of the relationships between the practice and their personal movement patterns.

When she is not thinking about Pilates, she is dreaming about her next European vacation, the next cooking class she would like to take, her next tennis match, and the cheeseburger she will eat at Keen’s after a productive week in the studio.


Kristin Hoesl,Co-founder

Kristin hails from Long Island and is the co-founder of The Pilates Local. A lifelong dancer and athlete, she first discovered mat-based Pilates through her freshman year college dance professor, and began her comprehensive training at Core Pilates NYC in 2005. She remained there as an integral part of their highly acclaimed teacher trainer program for over a decade.

Kristin enjoys working with people of all ages and abilities. She has eight years under her belt as a member of Crossfit South Brooklyn, and specializes in teaching Pilates to weightlifters and athletes. She is especially attuned to the needs of the senior population, and works with many students who are in their 60s, 70s, and beyond. Additionally, she has been fortunate enough to mentor hundreds of apprentices on their journey to becoming teachers; the experience taught her how to have the patience, clarity, and expertise she needed to be a truly great instructor.

When Kristin isn’t at the studio, she enjoys taking French lessons, going to the theatre, planning hiking and camping trips, and relaxing over a delicious meal and a glass (or two) of wine.


Dani Busko,Instructor

Dani came to Pilates unconventionally. She was not naturally athletic or gifted with any sort of graceful movement abilities. She teaches with the true spirit and belief of Joseph Pilates; any person can become comfortable in their own body and move with confidence if they practice the method.

After a long battle with several autoimmune disorders that left her physically, mentally, and emotionally debilitated Dani turned to Pilates for recovery. Pilates was her gateway fitness into regaining her physical ability, mental stamina, and emotional confidence.

In 2012, Dani completed her Pilates certification at Core Pilates, NYC, under the tutelage of Kristin Hoesl, co-founder of The Pilates Local. She has been teaching full-time at various gyms and studios in NYC since completion of her certificate.

When Dani is not running across NYC bridges at sunrise, practicing her kickboxing skills, sampling mezcals or bourbon, or on the sidelines cheering her clients on to victory in their fitness endeavors, she is compassionately teaching her dedicated clientele at The Pilates Local.


Michelle Bay,Instructor

Michelle is a professional dancer from Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from SUNY Purchase’s Conservatory of Dance with a BFA in Dance Performance and a minor in Psychology. She currently dances with Azoth Dance Theatre and Ayalis in Motion. She also teaches dance to young children at Midtown Movement and Dance Company. Michelle received her Pilates teacher certification at Core Pilates NYC’s Comprehensive Training Program, and is also certified in pre/postnatal and special cases/injuries.

Michelle’s pursuit of a healthier dance career is what inspired her to study Pilates and make it a part of her daily life. She feels movement is essential for a happy and healthy body and hopes to inspire her students of all ages to feel the same.


Frank Howell,Instructor

Corporate warrior by day, Pilates practitioner by night! Originally from Detroit, Frank came to NYC 20 years ago to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a Human Resources executive in the financial services industry. Well, maybe not his “lifelong dream,” but to pursue a career in HR nonetheless.

Frank started doing Pilates in 2002, initially as a way to focus on general fitness. Over time, that Pilates focus expanded into a key part of his desire to combat the impact of a career spent sitting at a desk, typically hunched over a computer keyboard or a smart phone. In addition to Pilates, Frank is a passionate runner, enjoying the exploration that comes from traveling across the country to participate in half-marathons (or the occasional marathon), and has noticed how Pilates has improved his running ability, recovery, and injury prevention approach. Frank’s focus is on Pilates for fitness, for longevity, and for vitality. Frank completed his Pilates certification at Core Pilates NYC, and is looking forward to sharing his passion for Pilates with the clients at The Pilates Local.

Other than Pilates, be sure to ask Frank about: where he is traveling next; why he became vegan (he promises not to be preachy); his favorite cocktail and where to get it in NYC; or his obsession with baking sourdough bread on the weekends.


Julie Seal,Instructor

Julie is a dance and theater performance artist living in Brooklyn. Growing up as a classically trained dancer on Long Island, she began doing Pilates as part of her training before she really knew what it was! She later found a greater appreciation and love for Pilates in college and continued her practice long after graduating, finding that it helped support her physical health in her dance career. She completed her 600 hour comprehensive certification through Core Pilates NYC in 2019.

As a teacher, Julie strives to help clients from all walks of life maintain a healthy, strong, balanced body. She focuses on the details and hopes to help each client get the most out of their practice. Forever a student, Julie is happy to nerd out with you about the Pilates Method, or really any topic related to movement, art, food, travel, movies, dogs etc.

Outside of the studio you may find Julie people watching on a park bench, walking her dog, Karl, or performing in an immersive theatre production in Brooklyn.


Merav Cidor,Instructor

Originally trained in Israel, Merav has been practicing and teaching pilates since 2009. In 2013 she arrived in NYC to expand her knowledge of pilates and movement in general. Since then, she has trained with classical master teachers such as Jennifer DeLuca, Enja Schneck, and Blossom Crawford. She completed a yoga certification in 2019 at NowYoga, and has been exploring anatomy with Irene Dowd and Joe Miller. When not teaching pilates and yoga, Merav practices partner acrobatics and flying trapeze.


Rachelle Somma, MELT Instructor

Rachelle comes from a dance, martial arts, and aerialist background. Starting at the age of 3, she danced for 13 years, before pursuing a degree in Communication Arts & Design at Virginia Commonwealth University. After working in an office for many years, she needed some kind of a movement practice that was both physical and creative.

This is when she got her black belt in Kung Fu, where she was asked to teach but then shifted toward the aerial arts where she first learned about Melt Method. She noticed how taxing the aerial arts could be on the body and was suffering from injury after injury until she tore her hip labrum and suffered from chronic pain. Melt helped to regain movement and keep her pain free so she could still pursue dance in the aerial arts.

Her passion for MELT, and her gratitude for the healing she experienced, inspired her to continue her education and help bring the healing benefits of MELT to as many people as possible.


Melanie Richardson, MELT Instructor 

Melanie Richardson is originally from Kentucky and came to New York two years ago to attend the Institute for American Musical Theatre to pursue her dream of performing on Broadway. She has been dancing since she was 3 years old and always knew that she wanted to perform, but it wasn’t until her high school years, when she started performing in musicals and plays, that she realized her passion for singing and acting as well as dancing. She recently graduated from IAMT which is where she first learned about MELT. Being a dancer, she knows how important it is to keep your body in the best shape possible. MELT helped her do this. She has struggled with nerve pain for several years and MELT has allowed her to function better and get back to dancing many hours a week. MELT has completely changed her life, and that is why she decided to become a certified MELT Instructor. She can’t wait to start teaching so she can share the wonders of MELT with others.

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