Our light-filled, second-floor studio

is located in the heart of Union Square, where we strive to provide certified instructors with an affordable and clean home for their clientele. Friendly, motivated, responsible practitioners from all backgrounds are welcome to be a part of our community; we require that you provide your own liability insurance, and all renters are provided with access to our MindBody web-based schedule and keys to the studio.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our studio has been reconfigured to allow for the required distance for in-person sessions. We are equipped with Peak Pilates apparatus, and a mix of Deborah Lessen and Peak Springs.

  • 3 Reformers
  • 4 Tower units
  • Cadillac
  • Low chair
  • High/low combo chair
  • Ladder barrel
  • 4 Half-barrels
  • 1 Spine corrector

…along with other accessories and props needed for a great session. For pricing and any other inquiries related to renting space, please fill the contact form below.

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*for space rentals, press, and general inquiries, please our use our contact form.